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“The guy can see around blind corners.” Author, speaker and advertising consultant Gary Unger received this high praise from a client after yet another successful engagement. Gary is a creative powerhouse and gifted humorist driven by his passion to share both gifts with the world. His message is clear: Be yourself and have fun doing it! His clever and insightful writing style never fails to inspire laughter and deep thought, sparking the fountain of creativity buried in the minds of his readers.

Gary Unger’s message in How to Be a Creative Genius (in five minutes or less) has been honed by more than a decade of success in the advertising industry. Currently, Unger is an advertising consultant who has worked on creative campaigns for industry titans such as Chick-Fil-A, General Motors and the National Basketball Association. He is the originator of AutoZone’s “Get in the Zone” ad campaign, the longest running ad campaign in the company’s history. Gary’s creative work has been featured in numerous publications and has also earned him a place in the Levi Strauss T-Shirt Hall of Fame.

Unger is the creator of a proprietary creative process called XDO, a process blending actions, material and the existential in order to unlock the creative potential of its practitioners. If creativity requires only a spark to ignite, Gary Unger, in the words of BrightHouse founder and certified creative genius Joey Reiman, is a “box of matches.”

A native of Reedsport, Oregon, Gary currently resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area with his wife and three children.

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